WOpod Ash (3rd generation)


Made of 100% Freixo Portuguese wood with a touch of leather. The WOpod gives your AirPods a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look. The rich patterns of wood grain make each WOpod completely unique. With a microfiber inner rim and a full grain leather hinge, The WOpod is smooth, lightweight, and subtle.

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45,00 €

Each wooden piece is made from a unique solid piece of wood, and so each WOpod has different grain structures.

  1. Complete 360° protective coverage

  1. Easily remove and load AirPods

  2. Cutout for charging port

  3. Made for Apple AirPods 3rdgeneration

  4. Works with wireless charging accessories

  5. 100% FREIXO WOOD

  6. Full grain leather hinge on 3rdgeneration

  7. Leather Rope

  8. Made in Portugal

The uniqueness, hand work, emphasis on quality, natural look, feel and smell are the guidelines on our journey to connect nature with technology. We are proud of each case we make and share the joy of every customer that says how much they love it.

Freixo Wood

Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices.

Grain/Texture: Has a medium to coarse texture similar to oak. The grain is almost always straight and regular, though sometimes curly or figured boards can be found.